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Hourly Charge - Residential - $75.00 per hour                                    Hourly charge for residential air conditioning service in Naples FL

Hourly Charge - Commercial - $85.00 per hour                                   Hourly charge for commercial air conditioning service in Naples FLorida

Travel charge - none - no travel charge                                                    

Service charge - none - no service charge

Service call charge - none - no service call charge

Overtime charge - none - never an overtime charge

Repair charge - none - you pay hourly charge for the first hour

Parts cost - we do not charge flat rates for parts 

Freon cost - R-22 $85.00/lb. - R410A $75.00/lb.                                      Cost of Freon R-22 and R-410A on Naples Fl

Seasonal Check - yearly maintenance - $75.00                                     Cost of Seasonal air conditioning service in Naples FL




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