Huge Savings on condo A/C

2-ton a/c system special pricing with vertical front return air handler

Below are more condo systems with bottom return air handlers.

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All systems include the following; New condenser, new air handler, new electric heater, 

new Honeywell thermostat, new drain safety switch, new liquid line drier, materials, labor, and taxes. 

Because permit costs can vary, the prices do not include permit fees.


Lennox 2-ton 14 SEER R-410A

13ACX Air Conditioner    CBX26UH Air Handler          $2,950.00 installed after FPL Rebate of $140.00


Bryant 2-ton 13.5 SEER R410A

Legacy™ Line Central Air ConditionerLegacy Line Fan Coil $2,975.00 installed


Nutone 2-ton 13 SEER R-410A

Air Handler  $2,745.00 installed


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We must visit the site to verify that the equipment will fit.

Online Prices

Make Tons Model SEER Air handler Location Condenser Air Handler Heat Cost FPL Rebate Net Cost
Lennox 2 Merit 14 Vertical 13ACX-024 on ground CBX26UH-024 vertical 5 KW $3,090.00 - $140.00  $2,950.00
Bryant 2 Legacy 13.5 Vertical 113ANA-024 on ground  FB4CNF024 5 KW $2,975.00 $2,975.00
Nutone 2 13 Vertical NS4BD-024K-B B5BM-X24-B 5 KW $2,745.00 $2,745.00
Ruud 2 14 Vertical 13AJM24A01 RHALFR24PJN00A 5 KW $3,040.00 - $140.00 $2,900.00
Lennox 2.5 Merit 14 Vertical 13ACX030 CBX26UH-030 7.5KW $3,255.66 - $140.00 $3,115.66
Bryant 2.5 Legacy 13.5 Vertical 113ANA030 FB4CNF030 5 KW $3,027.68 $3,027.66
Ruud 2.5 13 Vertical 13AJM030A01 RHALFR30PJN00A 8 KW $2,972.56 $2,972.56



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