Monday 3/25/2019

Willoughby Drive Installed (1) new Honeywell T1 digital non-programmable thermostat $160.00 installed

Thursday 3/25/2019

Callista Court in Fiddler"s Creek Installed (1) Bryant 4-ton 16 SEER R410a Preferred Series 126CNA048 condenser and FX4DNF049 air handler with 10 KW electric heat.

Tuesday 3/12/2019

Frederick Street Installed (1) Fujitsu 12,000 BTU mini-split heat pump air conditioning system on Frederick Street

Tuesday 3/05/2019

10th Street N in back of Mel's Diner. Residential rooftop package unit not cooling. Compressor and outdoor fan were not running. Replaced 40+5 dual run capacitor. $105.00 total.

Thursday 2/28/2019

Riviera Colony on Rattlesnake Road Tempstar package unit not blowing air inside. Found bad indoor fan motor module. Replaced the indoor blower motor and module under warranty, $170.00 total.

Wednesday 2/27/2019

Oxford Lane in Stratford Place $4,300.00 Installed (1) new Ruud 3-ton 16 Seer air conditioning system with RA1636 condenser and RH1T3617 air handler with 10 KW electric heat.

Thursday 2/21/2019

S Collier Blvd, Marco Island - Water leak, vacuumed and blew out drain. No charge (within the first year labor warranty on new system) $0.00

Classics Lely Resort on Palmer Ct - 2 Bryant split system seasonal checks. Clean evaporator and condenser coils, vacuumed drain, checked system operation, checked freon, washed filters. $75.00/ea $150.00 total

Hitching post mobile home park - Osage Trail - Bryant Packaged a/c unit - Seasonal check. $75.00

Wednesday 2/20/2019

31st Street SW Bryant split system not cooling. Found system was low on freon running at 75 psi suction pressure. Checked for leak with leak detector, did not find leak. Added 2 lbs. R410A freon. 1 hour labor $85.00 plus 2 lbs. R410A at $65.00/lb for a total of $215.00

Fox Glenn in Foxfire Removed UV light reminder from Honeywell TH9421 thermostat. Cleaned washable filter and treated filter with anti-microbial spray. $85.00 total.

Monday 2/18/2019 Cedar Hammock Circle - Water leak at drain - Found cracked CPVC fitting on drain trap. Re-piped trap out of 3/4" PVC fittings. 1 hour labor and fittings $100.00 total.

Wednesday 2/13/2019

Seasonal Check on 2-ton split system pancake air handler in Par 1 27th Court SW. Yearly service clean both coils, vacuumed drain, checked freon, checked system operation. $75.00

Bemuda Greens Drive - Water leaking from 3-ton Ruud spilt system. System was low on freon. Added 2-lbs. R410A freon and dye. $150.00

Tuesday 2/12/2019 -

Packaged a/c unit indoor fan motor was not running on Cannes Drive. Found bad run capacitor. Replaced (1) 45+5uf  and (1) 5uf run capacitors, checked freon. $135.00 total cost.

Water leak on Buckingham Court in Berkshire Lakes. Drain was clogged and drain safety switch was bad on split system air handler in garage. Vacuumed drain and replaced drain safety switch. $130.00

Water leak at air handler on Harbor Drive. Drain line clogged going into condensate pump. Blew out drain line with CO2, Vacuumed return plenum and treated with anti-microbial spray. $85.00.